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Westbourne College offers online short courses that can be finished in a matter of hours and that provide practical skills and experiences across a wide range of businesses and fields.

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Quizzes throughout all short-courses to test and cement the content that you are learning.

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What Our Students Have to Say

It has been an absolute pleasure accepting some of Sydney's brightest young minds on to our IB Diploma Programme, we look forward to welcoming our first 2021 Sydney cohort to the Westbourne community in January.
Jessica A.
The customer service I received when inquiring was none other than outstanding. Robert went above and beyond. To the point of looking for what suited my needs which was not at this point in time what he could offer me. He googled other option with other places which he did on his own. we had a great conversation and he wished me a merry Christmas.
Robert E.
I highly recommend this school as the care that I received is above anything I have ever received from other colleges. Thank you Robert for today.
Ben K.