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In addition to a range of full length accredited training programs to Diploma level, Westbourne College specialises in providing non-accredited short course workshops delivered online, for individuals and organizations alike. These short courses are perfect for Professional Development and as Skills and Knowledge builders, which are applicable across a range of industries. As these are non-accredited, it means Westbourne College can design bespoke training programs for employers and business on demand. If you require specific skills training for your staff, enquire with us today about conducting a Training Needs Analysis for your organisation and designing applicable training as required.
Enrol in an online short course to upskill and invest in your professional development. On completion you will receive a Statement of Completion. We will continually add to our online short course library so please check back regularly or request updates through our online contact form.
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What Our Students Have to Say

It has been an absolute pleasure accepting some of Sydney's brightest young minds on to our IB Diploma Programme, we look forward to welcoming our first 2021 Sydney cohort to the Westbourne community in January.
Jessica A.
The customer service I received when inquiring was none other than outstanding. Robert went above and beyond. To the point of looking for what suited my needs which was not at this point in time what he could offer me. He googled other option with other places which he did on his own. we had a great conversation and he wished me a merry Christmas.
Robert E.
I highly recommend this school as the care that I received is above anything I have ever received from other colleges. Thank you Robert for today.
Ben K.