Supporting your team

The Planning Process

Team members should be given guidance on the best way to plan for contingencies and situations that can arise when working towards a common goal.

Planning is crucial to the success of a team effort as it ensures that:

  • If anything goes wrong, there is likely to be a back-up plan to support how to best manage it.
  • Everyone in the team is aware of milestones and expected targets.
  • Outcomes and objectives are outlined well in advance, to ensure that staff know what is expected from them and the team.

As teams are usually an integral part of any organisation, the organisation itself should be aware that its culture could impact the morale of the team itself. Teams need to have a clear and succinct focus on their objectives. Some of these areas of focus include:

  • Having a clear target
  • Knowing their purpose within the organisation
  • Measured Key Performance Indicators or Key Result Areas
  • A specific plan
  • A decision-making process