Modelling Expected Behaviour

It’s all very well instructing team members to behave in a certain way and approach tasks in a particular manner; however, if you do not practise what you preach, it is unlikely that others will take note of your instructions.

Do not expect team members to be courteous to you if all you do is shout at them and speak in a derogatory manner – respect needs to be mutual in order to exist.

Therefore, you will need to model the behaviours you expect from colleagues.

Expected behaviours may include:

  • Being courteous
  • Being punctual
  • Wearing correct uniform
  • Using appropriate language
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Sharing ideas

If you are a model team member, then the others will have no excuse not to meet the standards you set – it also minimises resentment, as it shows that you do not consider yourself to have a different set of rules from the others.