Identifying & Managing Conflict

Examples of conflict that may arise within your team and need to be managed effectively include:

  • Staff not getting along with each other
  • Conflict between team members
  • Resentment from staff members
  • Staff being overworked due to inefficiencies of other staff members
  • Staff being overworked due to lack of resources

These issues need to be addressed and rectified immediately to avoid further conflict to take place.

If the manager themselves is not able to address or assist in rectifying the issues, then they can refer to the relevant internal staff for further action or organise a referral to the relevant external consultants for further action.

The Problem Solving Process

Identify the Situation

Determine the reason why it is happening

Gather all information relating the situation

Generate possible solutions or alternatives to fix it

Determine whether they are feasible

Decide between alternatives

Assess cost, risk & benefits

Implement the solution(s)

Monitor or re-evaluate if required